Tuesday, May 31, 2011

CocaCola 125yrs. Celebration-FLH members like to Frantically kiss WuZun

CocaCola's 125years anniversary was this year held in Shang Hai many artist were there and off those artist the 2 that caught most people's eyes were Wang Lee Hom and Taiwan's Fei Lun Hai Fahrenheit seeing they looked amazing being together as 4...they faced many questions once again and Chun answered many until one which was rather uncomfortable came up for Jiro...jiro had admitted once that Chun had soft lips now the question was would they kiss again?...They all thought and realized they have all kissed Wu Zun before except the youngest member Aaron Yan who had been kissed by Chun at a promotion. Calvin soon also thought back to all the pictures of him kissing Chun and expressed..."I think now OH MY ! how could I have done that!" but their relation is just that close...they all expressed missing Chun and that even though he is in Wen Lai (Brunei) they all still keep in Contact...Aaron who had actually been in Malaysia for a promo had been able to contact him while there....Fahrenheit still remains it will be us 4 forever...though there still remains no plans for an album this year!

Fahrenheit and Wang Lee Hom the 125yrs Anni for CocaCola.

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