Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Absolute Boyfriend Chun Out and Jiro In!!!

Some Fahrenheit Fans have been wondering will the role of Chun's AbsoluteBoyfriend be taken by Jiro his fellow bandmate the answer is yeah!!! The manga was actually written by my favorite manga artist Yu Watase (a great artist!!!) and Jiro has taken the role in Absolute Boyfriend! so now the cast is Ku Hye Sun and Wang Dong Cheng instead of Ku Hye Sun and Wu Zun but no matter though it is a sad for Chun's Fans...with the delay of sunshine angel, Absolute boyfriend was like the other wish! Ku Hye Sun who had openly admitted that Chun was more attracted then Lee Min Ho the Main Male Lead in Boys over Flowers has also expressed she is also glad to be working alongside the other Fahrenheit member Jiro! In korea Ku Hye Sun had actually expressed that not only were the Fahrenheit members all very handsome, and well mannered but they were very mischeivious young men! So everyone lets anticipate Jiro and Ku Hye Sun's Absolute Boyfriend!

The original Cast (the perfect boyfriend) Wu Chun and the lucky girl who ordered him(Ku Hye Sun)

the new couple-(the perfect boyfriend)Jiro Wang and the girl who wanted him(Ku Hye Sun)

***insert***what is up wid FLH's dramas....1st PiLiMIT-Hebe too busy so Gui Gui takes the lead 2nd MoMo Love-Aaron cant do 2 drama's so Jiro takes it up 3rd Love Buffet the Typoon so Reen Takes for Joanne and 4th Absolute Boyfriend Chun cant fit it in the schedule so Jiro takes it!!! then They arent Airing Sunshine Angel b/c Rainie's other drama Druken to love you is out!!!!***
sorry ppl...xm

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  1. what? i thought that they were done with sunshine angel! NOOO!
    ~xiao lin~