Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jiro Worked Super Hard for The House(aka purple house)

Working along side Tong Liya in China jiro has been working very hard but a horror movie when behind the scences is either laughs jokes or hes doing what he is a professional at sleeping instantly on his breaks...
Jiro has been questioned by many about his acting skills whether or not he is meant for this industry...but still many fans and directors stand next to him!...one director being the one who spotted his talent in ISWAK*(it started with a kiss) once again meeting up with jiro in MoMo Love the director was proud to have made it so far and still see jiro wang dadong doing his great works! MoMo Love received low ratings though dispite its strong cast...cyndi wang and jiro wang are popular idols and are adored by many so what exactly didnt attract the viewers?...many say it was jiro others say it was cyndi many say it was just the script and the actors did amazing! Taking up the Big Screen along side band member Chun Wu Zun he(jiro) admits in comparison to Wu Zun on the basis of acting..."We are walking on different routes, Wu Zun has chosen his path and I want to try my own" willing to take up any character just about Jiro Wang's Character in The House is sure to attract many(my opinion)!!!
working hard to learn his dance w/liya
careful jiro you dont take the pics others will

jiro reading script then asleep...

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