Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sunshine Angel got its name from...CHUNNIE

This is a cute blog post by our dearest Superman Wu Ji Zun!!!
As most of you know, the name of this drama was supposed to be 阳光小妹 but it was later changed to 阳光天使! Guess who’s the one who suggested for a new title? Yeah, it’s me… haha! Honestly, I don’t really like the idea of having the words ‘小妹’ thus after consulting with Ah Ken and without thinking too much, I thought of the words ‘天使’ and said, “阳光天使都好过阳光小妹啦!“ And who knows he agreed as well and supported with my decision… haha! Well, it may not be the most ideal name for this drama but since I’ve always treated you guys as my ‘天使’ , this sure is meaningful to me :-)
Turns out Sunshine angel was really from Chun...And I hope everyone knows that the MV script creation for Cherish your heartache.=(xintengnidexinteng)---was also by Wu Zun

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