Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lollipop's Ah Wei and Fahrenheit's Jiro Wang DaDong-are gym friends?

A lot of people would think that two of Taiwan's faster moving boybands Fahrenheit and LollipopF would be more like enimies and not friends?...well people should probably rethink that thought because even though Fahrenheit Jiro Wang spends 3hours at the Gym a lot he isnt alone....his sometimes gym members just happens to be his high-school band mate Xiu(who is so adorable) and LollipopF's AH WEI!!! LollipopF has worked hard to bring out their man appearance as well and who knew Ah Wei would be the one to be with Fahrenheit's Growing Muscle Mania(sorri my lil nickname for jiro---chuns=Mr.Muscle)....in the GYM!..well jiro fans we dont update much about jiro ever since Aaron's debut but here ya go and there is more to come b/c he and calvin are coming out with more things too!Chun's movie is also going to be out and soon he should be working along side F4's Vic Chou!(i<3them)!!!
~xm......check the pic...mmhmm

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