Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hao Peng You

Never really had a best friend....dont believe in it. I also dont think that im that much of a good friend either.
Never that good at expressing my feelings. I wish that I could be, but then I'm a person who doesnt have any confidence in myself. No matter how much i try to look for those " best friends" i dont think that its true. I've seen many people who say they have best friends. Makes me really envious.
On the other side, although i didnt find best friends, im getting there. Found good friends which just takes me a few more years to gain trust...hopefully...
Huang Hao Mei! ni shi wo de yi hao(good) peng you! wo bu xi huan kan ni xiang na!
I am very serious. Never really had anyone other than one of my cousins to talk to about my life. I see many people at school who has their best friends to hand out with while im always alone. Always wishing for that best friend to come and comfort me and make me laugh really hard that it will make me cry. Calling me most of the nights, and makes sure that im having a good life. "living life the fullest" is what people always tell me, but then how could i do that whenever there's no happiness in my life? I'm always someone that who sits with my classmates and they end up i that horrible?
Huang Hao Mei,
ni bu shi yi ge ren hao bu hao! Even though I'm far away, I'll always be here to support you! I'm just a phone call away. Even though you see a friend stress out and is not able to help, its alright to say things, this shows that you care. There is a view two to things, the negative and the positive view. I know that its hard to look at the postive view, but then try looking at the bright side. I Promise that i would never let you have the feeling of being alone whenever im there!
Jia You Huang Hao Mei!

Xiao Lin

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