Saturday, May 28, 2011

Yan Yalun Want Everyone to see the Sunshine boy he is not the Walked out of the JP. Anime guy!

on Jiao Ge Peng You...Aaron expressed that actually wanted everyone to see past the "Hua Mei Nan"-anime man, and see the GUY in him the Sunshine boy!!!
Aaron I think its pretty obvious you are like a sunshine boy also...
on this show they also....said his piano skills were good enough to beat CHINA's/American Mix Celeb Idol WANG LEE HOM!!! wang lee home eh!?!
sorry it caught me off gaurd...but sunshine boy or just plain arron ...yan yalun we all love you still....

***quick mini entree for dadong***
Purple House (also known as:The House) Jia You...Tong Li Ya you are one heck of a good actress!!!

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