Friday, May 6, 2011

shi yinwei wo bugou hao

right, shi yinwei wo bugou hao, a person can only take so much stress, once they are pass their stress line and it went over, they fall, hard, not knowing how to move forward
when a girl cant take it no more, at a certain point and time, they cant do nothing, so the tears just fall out, like no other, theres no way to stop it, but just to cry a few mins, even an hour or so, but just letting it out, can be best, at some point
Hao Mei bugou hao
being the only daughter is tough, working, all the time, sometimes, i just wish some1 help pitch in, and actually do something without being ask, instead of depending on me all the time, have they ever though, what if im not here no more, what if one day im gone, whos gonna do all the stuff 4 u guys when im gone huh? Im a girl, im bond to get married, someday
Im not that great of a friend to ehh,
I can only watch some of my friends suffer, and do nothing to help, only can watch them, because if u say something or do something, ur'll just make it worst, so all u can do is stand by her/his side, and stand there
Am i easily appealed by my peers, can i only wait, till some1 does something, then 4 me to do? Does my mouth say things its not suppose to, and make it look like i have no manners?  Am I being to selfish?
shi de, ji mo ji mo jiu hao
one of my view of life is, im always willing to be your friend, as long as ur'll willing to be 1 back ,
but i guess, not every1 is very friendly
im always willing to forgive, but to a point, i've lost my trust..but that wont bring me down,
*sigh* im sry, i just had to write 4 a bit, but i guess this is only some of what im feeling, but i should get going,
Remember you guys, no matter how much heavy load u put on me, ill find a way back, somehow..
ANYWHO, bye!
im sry guys, ~XIAO MEI, XIAO LIN, & JEANINE!
even if im not the best friend ever, i hope u guys 4 give me, but i dont blame u if u guys dont :)
~Hao Mei

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