Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Aaron releases Japanese single: "Moisturizing"

Click link to watch n hear Aaron's first official only Japanese single! Aaron has spent a lot of time learning Japanese and it's no surprise after such a mysterious schedule he suddenly chooses to release this single! He has taken another 180 turn in his music, it's a new style, a new language, and a different presentations.

(audio only) 


The style reminds of the earlier music genres like classical disco that started before pop/hip hop and techno took over. Aaron's single named "Moisturizing" will keep you both relaxed and anxious! 

I am quite surprised Aaron took on such an old school style, but it suits him well. The song is laid back and soothing :)  

... Oh and did I mention he is rocking the 80's favorite looks too (back in the days every idol celebrity rocked the split,even Aaron in middle school wore his hair this way!) 

Enjoy the song, and the music video... It'll lead you somewhere calmer (you will understand). 



  1. "I make you moisturized"? hahaha
    I feel a little bit violated and a lot dirty minded

    Also, thank you admins for keeping this blog up-to-date! I've always wanted to thank you guys for the hard work but I've been lurking up until now.. xD I hope this blog never dies because I really rely on it for updates! <3

    1. Oh my gosh:D I'm so touched I want to cry (like seriously I'm tearing up) All you followers (secret and non-secret) really mean so much to us. We understand that there are a lot of different fan groups and a lot of moments we may make mistakes so thank you for always "lurking" around on this blog. I am happy to say, as long as time permits I will always be here to update for all of you!

      Thank you for your kind words once again!

    2. (note2_xm)
      ...hehe and I totally understand the "moisturizing theme is kinda...yea.. haha violating but it's Aaron and he's proven break limits lol

  2. xDDDDD lol i saw this in my subscriptions and almost deleted it because it was from ponycanyon and i was like "who's this aaron?" and then i looked and it was our ya lun xD

    1. haha well ponycanyon is the company who helped with Fahrenheit's "Stay with me" , "Treasure" and "Only You" songs too, the record company itself is a little lower profile though, because my brother listens to a lot of Jap. Artist and not many are managed by Pony, or maybe its the genre difference haha

      But Aaron is our Yalun and our Aaron is now going so global :D I only know of Show who has also released jap albums:D

  3. I found it very American actually...It's the jazzy-pop influence ;)

    1. Lol I know, its very jazzy. But it gives me an old school disco vibe, just I described it as the vibe it gave me.
      My music enrichment class, I recall all the different types of music over the decades we listned to and Aaron's song just hit it with that vibe so I described it that way. :D