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GuiLun reunites on Choc Jan 2015 edition

CHOC MAGAZINE - January 2015

"Friendship Followup"



Personal Questioning

Aaron "No matter if its acting, or acting I've met with an obstacle."
Emma "I wish to experience all of life's emotions. (happiness, sadness, struggles, surprises)"
Aaron "thank you for everyone's support, I am sure from here on out there will only be better."
Emma "As an idol or an actress these two areas can both affect each other and add up to more."

Aaron & Emma 
"The secret between us"

Aaron Yan and Emma Wu first met in 2008 through the drama series Pi Li MIT (Mysterious Incredible Terminator) Late Aaron Yan fans or Emma Wu Fans may not know much about this couple but in those year Gui Lun (unison of Aaron and Emma's chinese name) was the idol couple of the year. 2008 Aaron and Emma took on their first times as being the male and female lead of a drama series. The series itself was more a thriller than just a regular love story. 
Many individuals questioned the couple's chemistry, what happened afterwards caused PiLiMIT and GUILUN's popularity to show through in not only Taiwan but also in Japan, Korea, and even Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. 
After the booming couples like Rainie and Mike from Devil Beside You and Joe and Ariel from It started with a kiss, this couple took another take on their love story and claimed 2008 "Best Onscreen Couple Award of the Year" .

It has been 7years and Aaron Yan and Emma Wu had gone on their own routes, Emma after leaving Hei Girl's and going into a silent disappearance from the ent. world made a comeback through mainland dramas, and movies before rejoining Taiwan's industries. She gained even higher popularity with her joining the korean show "We just got married global edition". Aaron Yan after releasing his solo album "The Next Me" in 2011, followed by earning best newcomer of the year and following released "The Moment" and "Drama", "Cut"   (2012-2014). Aaron rose in popularity becoming one of the lead male icons after his portrayal of Just You's boss Qi Yi and in Fall in Love With Me's LuTianXing/XiaoLu. 
They have both restated wishes to work together again, as the two really are friends, though they each established some new couples but true GuiLun lovers will never forget...
"007&Lucifer (TianMoXing" love stories....

7years later...they have rejoiced let's await a new drama hopefully :DDDD


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