Sunday, March 1, 2015

Jiro Wang on "City Color" - (Host: Calvin Chen, Patty Hou)



City Color is a show that invites different artist onto it's show and has them share experiences about themselves and also has them talk about their goals or dreams.
One thing I really admire is that though,City Color like any other show will approach rumored topics it only uses it like a joke and makes it clear that such conflicts and rumors are really not important because the individuals that they invite onto the show are there for a reason.

This time Patty Hou has returned to the show that originally chose her to be the main female host, because of other jobs though, they originally had a host named Sandy cover. (I've watched many of the previous episodes so I know this) 
Calvin Chen also stepped in this time as a co-host, his hosting career is what you can say at a peak, regardless of where he is... China, or Taiwan he is on the market as a most wanted host.

On the show Jiro Wang, is first introduced as someone who a handsome face and a very successful career now, but how many individuals have forgotten how hard it was for him in the beginning.

"Jiro Wang, an all around super idol. Whether it be singing, acting, or hosting he has a very successful list of accomplishments. Starting first with Fahrenheit alongside, Wu Chun, Calvin Chen and Aaron Yan, Jiro Wang has established being the perfect male lead of two seas (refers to China&Taiwan). "

Patty: so are you guys really that close?
Jiro: I believe that we can only say, I met with Calvin just two days ago.

Patty: So, this rumor of Fahrenheit not liking eachother is not true?

Calvin&Jiro: (throw up Wu Chun) saying "that one is busy having children! He is in Brunei too busy for us to always call him back."

Patty: So, that is one and there is also another one that we have yet to mention.

Jiro: Well, he is recently busy with getting ready to do his musical, so we can't call him out either.
Calvin: Oh! You are paying attention also!

*Patty the host is the one who is able to crack these jokes as she has a long history with Fahrenheit (she was the actress in Cherish your heartache and love buffet's YinZhi)

The rest of the shows go back to when he first debuted and his family history.
(I really like the information shared and am considering subbing this all if anyone would need it :D so please do comment.) 


  1. Hello, I am in the states and have just started watching tw dramas. I really enjoy watching jiro Wang and have just discovered your site as a result. I would love to see an end sub of this interview...hope you'd be able to translate this interview since it seems that there's interesting content. Thanks for creating such a great site

    1. I will do my best to upload a doc on this interview but I am uncapable of doing on video subs currently. Too much on my hands but if the interview doc is finished I'll link it here for you.
      Glad to see some FRH Jirowang fans here :D -xmThank you for the support

  2. Hello, I'm a huge admirer of Jiro from Paris and would lOOOve if you could sub this interview for us! Thank you for your hard work. Your blog Rocks!!!

    1. Hi Eliza,
      My apologies I've been busy so I just saw your comment. Hopefully you are still a Jiro fan lol but it'll take some time. I rewatch the interview and if I can upload a google doc on the interview and link it in the comments okay?

      it may take a while as my work load is full for this month. But I'll get it up for ya.

  3. two years later :D
    I also wish I could understand the interview, although I've started learning chinese I'm still far away from understand that content.