Sunday, February 15, 2015

Selina Ren features Aaron Yan in " 致分手 To the Broken Heart" MV

Aaron Yan is selected to work alongside Selina Ren, who is now his junior. Why? Well, this scenario is actually because Selina has released this album as Ren Jia Xuan her chinese name and not S.H.E's Selina. Being her first album this makes Aaron Yan, Hebe Tian Fu Zhen, and Calvin Chen all her seniors!
For this confusing statement Selina did state: "

H.I.M is a very simple and confusing record label when it comes to our greetings haha!"
When Selina was asked about the difference between hugging Aaron and her husband, Selina laughed aloud before saying : "His waist is smaller!" 
She also made a comment that she is very happy to get to work with Aaron consider how he is now one of the most popular male idols on demand right now (referring to drama male leads) and that it made her really feel like she was dating all over again. 
*Selina is so silly*

The final scene is very touching... I enjoy Selina and Aaron's inner emotional scenes.
There were a lot of things that this music video brought out in Aaron's acting that cannot be seen in his normal dramas, for instance:
The scene where Selina sits beside him, and he is supposed to be crying but holds it back.
Or the final scene when he avoids looking at his ex, as she gets married right next to him.

below is a part of the lyrics I really enjoyed:
時間 是聽眾
又壞 又溫柔
答案 被藏在幾年後 

Our audience is time,
both aggressive and gentle,
the answer is hidden in the later years...

Regardless, of how anyone will view this music video- personally I enjoyed Aaron Yan's performance here, and also Selina Ren's album was worth all the anticipation I had for it.
(PS i am a HUGE SELINA fans haha)


  1. great mv and song xD i love HIM collaborations.

  2. Yes I agree with you so much :D
    I have to say that, I am anticipating Hebe and Aaron collaborating too, it'd be a fun thing to see. I enjoy both of their music as well as Selina's latest and Calvin's. I cannot wait to see what H.I.M has all of fans waiting for.


    p.s. I am glad to see you still around :D makes me so happy inside hehe