Monday, February 9, 2015

NeiNei back in the spot light

Wu Chun, brought her out to the spotlight once again, and NeiNei is keeping it cute and classy :D
Actually Chun has recently picked up more endorsements, this time its was for a line that also makes children's clothing and the theme was to have parents with children blow up the runway.

The brand's name is "PanCoat" it is a Korean Designers Line, and they endorse through sides of Asia and Europe. There online site pancoat-store is link here, if you would like to view some of their designs.
The brand carries different designs but the most eye catching thing that I noticed was that they carry children's clothing with a stylish touch, and even their adult clothing is very simple but so adorable as their icon's big eyes are to die for haha (its just so cute).

This may be NeiNei's first time walking down a run way but with Daddy by her side, she is well protected and very happy to see everyone, many fans who were able to get in to view the session praised NeiNei on how she was such a natural. When Chun was approached again with questions about her joining the industry he just laughs and said it all depends on how everything folds out, I am happy to just be able to spend time with her again.

From the moment Chun carried Nei Nei in everyone couldn't help but see that they were dressed like a couples attire ( a twin affect) taken on by daddy and his beloved daughter. I must say for such a fit gentlemen, Chun wears children's design quite well, the sweaters look adorable on them. I am sure Chun had fun too, as he is all smiles with little NeiNei's little blushes. 

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