Saturday, February 21, 2015

Calvin joins Patty Hou on CityColor-Jiro as guest?!

Calvin Chen hosting is well known in Taiwan, HongKong and in China, but he has joined a new show that has been earning a name for itself as its head host carry host like Jacky Wu, who is one of the producers and Patty Hou who is the other producer.
In the last series host like Sandy Wu and Alien Huang have taken over also, they often invite other guest on also to take over alongside a different female host.

For at least 2-3 shows Calvin did appear as a show host, it is not yet confirmed which episodes he has covered but It is seen that Jiro appeared on set, and considering the two are dressed rather nicely maybe they are on the show together.


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  1. A friend of mine did a little "research" and told me that Calvin is only a substitute host...for now. ;) Hopefully, he will become a permanent host in the future!

    And yep, he & Patty interviewed Jiro! Here's a preview, courtesy of 77Amika. :)