Friday, February 13, 2015

Aaron Yan and Tia Li reunite to visit "Dear Mom" cast

Aaron Yan made a friendly appearance in ep.9-10, now he is back....not alone though! He and Tia reunited to join the cast in friendly get together while they were doing shooting prior this week.

Aaron Yan, and Tia Li dropped by together to see Huan Huan, Leo Ge, and Jia Gai Xian haha the family of "Fall in Love" is rejoiced. But a lot of fans noticed more than that, if you look close enough the cast itself is full of Aaron's past companions from many past dramas.

Like "Alice in Wonder City" Xiu Jie Kai and Aaron Yan worked together- in 2012
or ....
"Ko-Series" and "X-Family" and "Fall in love" = Fu Bo/ or A Gong! (2006-2014)
then we cannot forget the "Fall in love" family of 2014- Tia joins with Beatrice, Li Yun Qing, and Jia Gai Xian.

Qiao Qiao also worked on "love buffet" with Aaron prior to being switched out when she dropped the project and Reen Yu picked it up. She is also part of H.I.M now so she is family^.^!!!

Everyone just seems so close and adorable!


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