Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentines Day

Aaron Yan: [FB]
Good Morning everyone, I'm on my way to ShanDong. I wonder what you all are preparing for your loved ones on Valentine's Day. I am not prepared anything because I'm waiting receive them from you all! Just kidding, in fact it will do good with a sincere kiss😘

Calvin Chen:[FB]
Happy Valentines Day!

Jiro Wang: [Weibo]
Happy Valentine's Day, can't wait to see everyone.

Wu Chun [chunzone]
Angels, Happy Valentine's Day! The video blog area has videos of my trip in japan during their FM radio promotions, do not forget to check it out! 

(sorry I do not have a chunzone/it requires a fee so I currently cannot upload the videos/recordings)

"Happy Valentine's Day to all FeiFans, regardless if you are a pudding, an angel, a cupcake/sunshine, or a rocker... remember that the day of love is not just for couples but for the close loved ones we all care for in our lives!" 

Love always Admins,


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