Friday, February 13, 2015

Bloody Doll Movie- support Jiro Wang

Bloody Doll (Jiro Wang Horror Movie)

Though this is a direct link to the movie, I have yet to find a subbed version.
I will continue to search for an English subbed version and upload it here, the story line is pretty simple to follow.

There may be some parts that are confusing, if you are confused and do want to know what is going on, you are free to facebook message me, or you can directly leave a comment below and I will answer your questions.

I would sub it myself but currently I am busy, if admin xiaolin does download this movie and I have time I will do my best to sub it personally. Perhaps I will just upload it here, instead of youtube because of copyright conflicts that often may videos become block.

****SPOILER**** (just my review/rating) STOP READING IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW!!!

"The ending is kind of confusing but the final words are making a statement, that the issue ended up with two severely injured and the main protagonist female reported the issues, so I am guessing the story was from a true story... though the story is twisted, I do give it at least a 3.5/5 (Jiro's character is logical...and quite acceptable but towards the end you will understand why I gave 3.5 not 4/5)."

Regardless of my reviews and ratings, enjoy the movie

OH! WATCH IT IN THE DARK! hehe much more dramatic I promise.



  1. I'm a big chicken - no way am I watching (though the music video was interesting). But I wouldn't mind hearing about it as long as it's not too gross. Tell us about it??

    1. I can just tell you if you'd like.
      Basically him and his ex-girlfriend meet up again, and then her friends and them drug them after they all meet up again after 5 yrs. And though it is a trick to get everyone back together again it goes back and a real killer is after them.
      That killer happened to be the stalker of the main girl who fell in love with her when she was 5, but bc he burned his face he never wanted to show her his face.In the end Jiro pushes him off a cliff, and everyone is rescued. There are a lot of chittery moments like head twisting stuff, but it was a decent script. -xm

    2. Thanks! Purple House wasn't too bad (and it was worth it for the tango scene!) but this one has me too afraid to watch.

    3. There are a lot of scary scenes compared to purple house, and his tomb movie -xm

  2. Is there a eng sub to the song because i can't find it anywhere. Can you please sub it? My email is if you can provide it. Thanks