Saturday, February 21, 2015

Aaron Yan&Selina Ren - Chinese New Year HitFM blessings :D

A&S: Happy New Year!

Aaron: This year I want to pray for the chicken, because he is always so busy during this time of year going to everyone's homes...(for feast).

Selina: He is tired, very hardworking!

Aaron: yes he has to run to so many homes, I hope he will only be blessed with luck and happiness.

Selina: Then I shall pray to Huang Shu Lang, do not keep becoming a chicken! oh Become a different type of animal and maybe we will all not need to eat all the chicken during new years.

*I am not familiar but I'm sure there is a connection to the chicken and Huang Shu Lang's and the beliefs of the Chinese new year's traditions here :D*

Selina: And do not forget to come to Hit FM ad share who you want to pray to/for during the Chinese new years!

Aaron: yes everyone keep adding oil (jia you!)!!


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