Saturday, February 21, 2015

Aaron speaks about movie character- heme event

Aaron Yan spoke up about how his upcoming movie will be a character who is working hard to become a person of the society, he speaks about it involving his character over looking his girlfriend and then becoming someone who doesn't remember to clean up himself or his environment. He confirmed that he himself is very excited and does have experience with this image of "not remembering to clean up" (implying his room) of course as fans we should all understand, he has always has this portion to him.

Now the topic that has been on the hotlist, would be marriage or as the chinese refer to it as "xi shi" or "Happy Event"... Aaron states that a lot of individuals have been getting married and he himself has lost track with who has been getting married after he finds out his only reaction is ..."ah? they got married!?!"
When approached if he will be getting married or consider dating, he only says that it is fate...but if he was to find the other half he would share his good news with everyone. 

He says according to the star signs (he is a Scorpio, and the signs show that Scorpio will be blessed for the next 10 years to come)- I watched a show review these facts so I am going by that also on this report. So Aaron is expecting his luck to stay with him through this year.

As it is Yang Nian or the year of the ram, Aaron does bless all his fans this year for good health and blessings for those they love and care for.  


(a little late but I needed to confirm some of the information---:DDDD)

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