Friday, July 25, 2014

Wu Chun- "I love my Daughter and Miss her everyday"

There is a saying that every daughter was their dad's lover in the past life, that is why father's treat their daughters like princesses in this lifetime.

   Perhaps that is true or at least for Wu Chun & Nei Nei (Wu Xin Yi) ; She may only be a little princess but someday she will grow up and Chun's biggest fear he has stated is going to be letting her hand go. It makes him nervous to even think of such a thing. Chun stated as he was onstage during an event for charity in Mainland China that when he saw the little girls and boys run up to their dad's and hug them and holding hands he really missed his daughter.
   Chun has shown everyone on "Daddy is Back" that he is now trying and still learning how to be a good dad, some people may say he spoils her too much but to him she is everything. She is naughty but she is young and doesn't understand much yet, with time he will teach her through love and care (or candy, I mean she loves it )!!!

Wu Xin Yi, will one day maybe grow up and leave daddy but Chun can be assured she will never forget that she is always daddy's little princess after she rewatches episodes of "Daddy is back" . 


I miss this show so much already~!


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  1. no doubt chun is a good father. we already knew this even before we saw him with neinei xD chunnie, jia you!