Thursday, July 31, 2014

Chun Shanghai fans overload

Wu Chun had an incident with the media not too long ago reporting that his popularity had gone down due to him joining the show "Daddy come back" exposing himself and his daughter to the fans and other views. Everyone claiming he was spoiling her too much whereas others say that he is a great dad. The media also addressed him that he was trying to use Fahrenheit to raise the ratings and his popularity again (trust me I usually don't like these types of media coverage and this time I actually snapped); We need to remember that Calvin Chen did happily join into the show and happily afterwards say that he enjoyed his time with NeiNei, and not only in Brunei but even when Chun was in Taiwan Calvin appeared to visit NeiNei. The many rumor of Fahrenheit not liking eachother has really gone out of hands recently, and let alone no one seems to consider even if Chun wanted to ask Aaron or Jiro to join the show it would be so hard- 1. Jiro is still hosting a show and has to train little children plus he is working on a new drama, movie and his upcoming album! and 2. Aaron is in his promotion period his albums he released in the past two months, and he is still shooting FILWM, which makes it almost impossible for any spare time to fly to Brunei.

I just wanted to clear that Chun is doing all he can to love NeiNei, and keep contact with Fahrenheit because even Jiro and Aaron have admitted before they received text from Chun with blessings before the two proceeded onto their concerts.

With that all aside Chun made an appearance in Shang Hai for a promotional event, to stand in as an endorsement model but when leaving the whole area did get out of hand. Fans pushed and shoved to get their gifts to him, and he was grabbing their gifts but his face showed his fear towards them. the bodyguard did their best to fend of the fierce crowd, so Chun wishes to tell everyone to be very careful in times like these because there are also other families or people walking around and he hopes to not disturb their experience.

This incident is very hard to avoid but at least it proves that the above note of "Chun's popularity lowering" isn't true. Rather I believe his popularity has risen. He is a strong man with character and he loves his family dearly but he also cares for Fahrenheit so please ignore all bad news you may ever come upon.



  1. ive never seen a band that was better at treating media, fans, and their popularity with respect. theyre all equally talented and have their own groups of devoted fans who won't believe these dumb rumors. even after about 3 years of no full band activities, theyve still got bunches of fans, and not just in asia! chun, jia you! we know the fahrenheit friendship is real~

    1. Agreed! I was really mad, like I've never snapped at media before not even with all the surgeries or things but saying that Chun's friendship was fake literally made me snap. He's just more quiet, and his chinese isn't as great. Heck when the four reunited once just for coke, they expressed wanting to kiss him- that's brotherly love. -xm