Thursday, July 31, 2014

updates on delay- ADMIN

Sorry, I've only updated a little bit on Fahrenheit recently. I've been super busy and my work hours keep changing also I have other priorities to commit too. But aside from that I do have new post pending to be uploaded, I will upload everything hopefully by next week.
Feel free to check in once and a while as I may have had a chance to upload something between now and next week.

Again, my deepest apologies but I will update asap. Thank You for understanding.

But I have good news also~ I am constructing a NEW COMPETITION so get the word out.

The prize could be anything from Fahrenheit Stickers or a Fahrenheit Shirt or who knows what other goodies I may have.

Also, if you have some nice contest ideas plz comment below too~ I'd love to change things up a bit :D

Thank you Guys~ LOVING FAHRENHEIT Forever!


  1. Yay! I was thinking "FAHRENHEIT Forever!" before I even saw you'd written it. :D

    1. It's because all great Fei Fans think alike haha