Monday, July 7, 2014

Calvin Chen- WOW 4year celebration

opening performance- lucky7 opening theme

singing part- lucky 7 ending theme/ 3peas theme song

The videos above both are only fan cams but I can say that it is totally worth the watch. Calvin's singing has improved so much it is almost scary, he not only still carries his warmness but now it is more of a deep toned and soothing feeling too.

In between singing Calvin also yells out to everyone " come everyone call out IDOL" cracking jokes with his fans, he happily kept sining. Then his fans asked him to sing the 3 peas theme song- You & Me, Calvin says "But its not an easy song to sing." fans all reply that he has yet to perform it in Taiwan. Calvin trying to get away from it says he doesn't have the instrumental, but then the fans all say he can sing without it. Somehow though, the DJ found the instrumental so Calvin continue to sing.

Calvin also keeps saying August is when my album will be released so hopefully everyone will support!

Calvin aside from singing he had Zhou Shao Han appear as a special guest. The actress/model was probably one of the last girls I would've expected to be the special guest but Calvin cleared up that he and Zhou Shao Han met while recording a show in mainland china which is why he went to Croatia Europe. 
Calvin also said that he and her both had great chemistry and that the producer's loved whenever the two of them were together. 
Embarrassed Zhou only responded that everyone should help support the show. 
Later, Zhou states that this was her first stand coming out to support some else's design label because although she also is friends with Jiro, she has yet to show up at his fans meeting for his label. 
Zhou: "My first time has been given to you."
Calvin: "Okay I will take responsibility." 
leaving everyone in laughter. But later Calvin cleared up , "Actually its really funny, both me and her went to the same middle and high school and live in Tian Mu but we've never met eachother its like fate finally brought good friends together."

In the ending Calvin admits he has plans to get married by the end of the year next year, because his plans were set at 35 originally. Wu Chun having already been announced Married, and having two girls both Jiro and Calvin have expressed wanting a family of their own too.



  1. i hope cal finds someone great soon! he deserves someone to keep him sunshine smiling all day long. i think we cupcakes can handle it. i think.
    i can't wait for his solo EP! i want to get a full version of you and i, especially. one without interrupting dialogue.
    and they've all improved in singing, i believe. i wonder if chun has improved..?

    1. Chun says the only time he sings is with NeiNei. So maybe, he has :D