Monday, July 7, 2014

Watch daddy is back ep11- 2014/07/03

4 families all together, you have :

NeiNei the little princess, who becomes the older sister this time around.
Olivia the championship daddy's girl who becomes both a little and older sister this time around.
TianXin who joins the group as the youngest but most humorous.
William the oldest but only boy in this group and becoming a big brother.

Four kids, four dads and the biggest mission is... Who is going to make lunch?!?! (hahaha)

The two other dad's have put their foot down and agreed that Chun is probably the best dad out of the four of them, but Chun said "This is only because her mom is very strict, and she is very naughty."
But he was still praised on his skills to control NeiNei, but Chun too praised Olivia's dad as he trust his daughter if Olivia's dad is watching them.

*I meant daddy is back* mislabeled haha

And a quick note, do not play hide-n-seek with NeiNei because haha, well watch and you'll see why. Its just adorable!


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