Sunday, July 13, 2014

Jiro wears Ancient Chinese Attire- Fans exclaim "Most Handsome Ever"

"He is sooo handsome!!!"
But wait, isn't that the ... ROCKER Jiro Wang!
That's right, he is back but this time wearing cosplay or his with his guitar but rather finishing up his shooting for his first Ancient Drama.
Jiro's fans after seeing his images of him dressed in this attired shared all over instagram and weibo that this was the most handsome ancient chinese actor ever! And I must also give him some points too, because his face and hair setting do compliment his look here plus the all white gives him such a mysterious but clean look !

Jiro may not be the lead this time around but hands down with this look, he may not be far from stealing roles ! Hey, maybe he may even work with Chun :D

Pulling off, a great clean scholar look. Wu Chun look out Jiro Wang is coming!



  1. id love it if the two collaborated! ive only seen chun's butterfly lovers xD need to check the other stuff out... jiro looks great with the saeguk look!

    1. Have you not seen "Saving General Yang" or "My Kingdom" they are pretty good. I liked "14 blades" too probably his best performance though he wasn't the lead.
      I enjoyed Jiro in "My beautiful kingdom" & "My boy boy boy boyfriend" too