Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Jiro Wang teams up with Zheng Luo Qian & 2pm Nichkun

許願清單 (Xu Yuan Qing Dan) translating to WishList, which is what I will address it until they open up their official site as to what they will call it. 
The drama is to have up to 30 episodes and will be taking place in Shen Zhou China. This drama's storyline is yet to be clear but the cast has been named and 2PM's Nichkun has been called to act in this drama also Jiro Wang and Zheng Luo Qian both now pro actors in the business are coming back to the drama series after being on the big screen for so long. 
Wishlist's drama director is also korean but the scriptwriter is said to be a proclaimed writer for many successful scripts :) This drama will be one to anticipate just looking at the cast so far. 

(2pm's Nickhun) 

(Zheng Luo Qian)

(JIRO WANG Dong Cheng) ^^ 

well, let's have some imagination with the name "Wish List" what do you all think the script is gonna be about besides romance~~^^



  1. wooot wooooot! i love nichkhun and of course i loooove jiro! i can always use some jiro dramas. can't wait. i hope the voices arent dubbed...

    1. It's a mainland one no promises there. But recently they've been good about it.