Monday, July 28, 2014

FILWM - ep17 broke 2! Shows abs!

FILWM EP17 aired last sunday showing Huan Huan and Lu Tian Xing's enagahement ceremony almost taking place, but Tian Xing finds that Huan Huan is already capable of standing and questions if she can or cannot walk. Making the incident into something big, leading everyone to the hospital to see if Huan Huan really can stand or not. Due to no medication or rehab her legs have worsen, her mom and brother lance also surprised at this question it later. The whole situation explodes and Huan Huan's personality which was originally just silly and naive has become full of complications. Tian Xing  confronts Auntie Li about this but leads to nothing as she will not listen, in the final closing Tao Zi's parents feeling bad for their daughter and Tian Xing's relation finally steps up to ask "Will you love TaoZi forever?" When Tian Xing answers "yes" Tao Zi's mom says "Then leave."

Now~ what will happen is unexpected still no preview yet as they are still shooting. The ending will be have to hold quite a twist considering all that is happening. Regardless though, EP17 has broken 2!!!! or should I say 2.16, but on the part Tian Xing confronts Huan Huan it went up to 2.47!!! almost breaking 3!!! Holding first ratings ever since its premiere Aaron and the other men in the cast did promise a shirts off show off the abs challenge.

Not only did they get to work out some first, but they had the female cast sit on top of them too! Regardless fans each reacted differently many saying "Aaron and Leo look good but Jia GaiXian is so cute... needs to work out more." 

But congrats to "FALL IN LOVE WITH ME" !!!!