Monday, July 7, 2014

Jiro Wang- Guilong's appearance in ep11!

Fans of the ko-series if you have been watching X-Dorms well, get ready because in episode 11 bad boy is back! Gui Long has returned and looks like Mommy Xiong Ge is gonna have to show him whose boss around here Again!

Funny enough though, Lan Xin Mei (Xiong Ge) posted on weibo this photo saying that Gui Long had returned, fans of the series know just how mischievous Guilong is and are anticipating how he will make fun of everyone this time around. 

Jiro happily responded to Xiong Ge Mommy by saying "Prepare my MILK!", with Gui Long's return the show is just picking up again!

X-Dorms is showing everyday so keep up the hard work fans who are watching~!



  1. heh. love gui long. those gray contacts make jiro look even better than normal.