Friday, July 25, 2014

FILWM cast watches ep16 with fans

      Aaron Yan,  Tia Li, Lu Yu Qin, Fan Zhi You or if you're following the drama then... Lu Tian Xing, Tao Le Si, Leo, and Huan Huan has come together this last sunday to watch ep.16 with fans.
The fans had to be over 18 and there was limited siting so fans had to fight over tickets but then again they were sold out in moments.
      During the show there were many mix emotions because if you watched the episode not only does Lu Tian Xing and Tao Le Si decided to take a day to themselves and enjoy a very passionate kissing scene but they also had a very strong slapping scene between Huan Huan and Tao Zi.

The one thing that was quite interesting though was that everyone was very into the drama, Aaron though was REALLY into the drama, the whole room was watching when Aaron started grabbing the kleenexes and started wiping away his tears:D

The slapping scene though the emotions changed instantly and even Huan Huan herself didn't dare to look at the scene with the fear of everyones reaction, I mean think about it- she has to play the villain here and all the fans are sitting directly behind them!

Overall though, I have to say I love how Aaron and Tia chose to go totally casual, and Li Yu Qin and Fan Zhi You wore more fancy casual. Also I find Tia and Aaron's outfits just adorable, okay so ranting haha.

All in all everyone had a lot of fun, and this experience is very new and special for such dramas but since FILWM has been holding no.1 in rating from the time they started airing so SETTV set this screening for the fans and the cast :D


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