Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hua Lian fans meeting- Aaron shows off new body

I know it's a lot to take in, he has a body now and he is loving every chance he gets to show it off haha!
Hua Lian fans were super happy to enjoy some quality time with Aaron Yan as he was going that way for Hua Lian's annual festival and since he was going the company went ahead and arrange a fans meeting for Aaron's pudding!

video link:

He's been working hard no reason for not sharing!

Aaron performed songs such as "That is not me"- " The Unwanted Love"- "Unstoppable Sun"

A summer time fans party can't missing having fun with close interactions with the puddings that arrived that day!
The back carrying to test his true strength and fans trust in him just had to be pulled out and played :D
But~ cannot forget how man sit ups can you do in a minute Aaron!

All in all , Aaron Yan explained he had a lot of fun with the fans and enjoy seeing Hua Lian again considering he hasn't returned since Fahrenheit days to do performances or fans meeting.


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