Saturday, June 29, 2013

Rainie Yang Malaysia Concert Jiro Wang as Special Guest

Rainie Yang has been busy with her Love Voyage Concert covering all of Asia...
Now she is on her concert destination "Malaysia" and her special guest has made hundreds of fans so excited!
"That's Right!" 
Jiro Wang!!! After 12yrs finally released his own solo album "What are you waiting for?"
Rainie happily updated her weibo saying 
"In the entertainment industry there are people you can't help but see and there are people that once you've become friends they will always be there for you!" 

Jiro also updated his weibo:
"I'm so excited that Rainie is such a great and obedient girl, so of course I'd happily show up for her concert! This is what friends are for!" 

Rainie & Jiro on the stage together reminds everyone of the Glory days of 

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