Friday, June 21, 2013

Aaron's 2013 Drama| 就是要你愛上我 ♥ Just You ⇢ EP01 summary

Aaron's 2013 Drama| 就是要你愛上我 ♥ Just You ⇢ EP01 summary

  • Aaron happens to be Puff’s new landlord (he has just came back from overseas).
  • Aaron asks Puff to find another house to live in and requests her to leave.
  • Puff refuses and finds out Aaron is the new boss of GAZE (where she works, a marketing company).
  • As the new boss, Aaron puts up a love-ban policy, forbidding the development of love relationships between GAZE employees.
  • This has caused a GAZE couple to break up. Puff decides to challenge Aaron and tries to make him fall in love with her using a ‘lion trap’ plan (lion = Aaron).
  • Back in the house, Puff sprinkles seafood powder in Aaron’s soup without knowing he is allergic to seafood.
  • Puff piggybacks Aaron and sends him to the hospital as he cannot breathe properly.
  • The next morning, Aaron shouts at Puff for completing a proposal poorly.
  • Puff begs Aaron to give her another chance, Aaron agrees but says she must leave GAZE if she fails to complete it to a high standard.

Credits to:Xsweetwhispers

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