Thursday, June 27, 2013

Exclusive!!! Shower Photos from "Just You"

If its not that Aaron Yan is covered in that has you smiling then it must be that he is wet or rather maybe just because he is shirtless~!
After his full nude attempt in 2011 I'm sure majority of fans have not only realized that this young boy is now a man but a man with a very fit body.
He isn't breaking out with muscles like his fellow bandmates but he is comfortably fit and so a little exposure can't hurt! 

Settv are geniuses have Puff's and Aaron's bathing scenes separated will and can separate the ratings. In the following episode not only does the power go out but the water will two!
Qi Yi who is still showering demands for Liang Liang to find him water but knowing her luck...well the next accident isn't something unlucky... but he is her boss so seeing him shower may be a little awkward!? 
The score is even now...He saw her; She saw him...
Settv's Just You shows every Friday Night at 10pm!!!

"I will make you fall in love with me!!!!"
      -Cheng LiangLiang

"I don't like people in my company" 
       -Qi Yi 

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