Monday, June 17, 2013

Aaron endorses Teenager hotline !!!

Aaron Yan has always been the one to say that there are times as a teenager that everyone becomes lost. Later on he chose to shoot the drama "Death Girl" because it deals with the struggles of everyday teenagers and suicide effects, following he shot "Alice in Wonder City" a story of 4 individuals lost in the world all searching for a miracle or someone to les a hand in their lives. Many criticized the drama "alice" for having poor rating and a bad script and being too hard to follow but I discovered rather Aaron chose this script because he wanted to show everyone that "Love, Hope, and Miracles" are what all these dwelling souls in the world need.

Aaron Yan was definitely the perfect person to endorse a teenager hotline. Regardless of his simple acts of kindness towards society or fans he has never forgotten the younger generation and our struggles! 

At the end of the events premiere Aaron finalized that "Guys have more issues than girls these days." The new generation faces so many problems that its not even a gender conflict now.  

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