Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Just You : Opening Theme "Just You" Photos

Alien Huang: Cat on top of the Village 
song has been pronounced the opening theme for Settv's drama Just You which is to premiere 6/21!!!!

This drama stars Aaron Yan and Puff Kuo; revolving around the concept of no dating in the company and how to turn a weird boss into a normal human!

The hardest task that Puff has to face is carrying Aaron Yan on her back!!!
Puff is only a slim girl around 40kgs and Arron is in the 60kgs!!!
After the scene Aaron happily told Puff "On the bright side, you can help move out a house now!" the two laugh at the jokes showing their mutuality! 

Aaron a few days ago had his eyebrows done and Puff couldnt help but photo jump making Aaron express he was getting bullied by his employee lol~! 

Here are some other random photo updates of Aaron!

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