Monday, June 3, 2013

HITO AWARDS NIGHT: Aaron Yan "Most Promising Male Artist"

HITO awards was held in Taipei this year in their Taipei arena! Many artist gathered together to perform and take home their trophies!!
Aaron Yan last year took home "Best Newcomer" this year sadly Jiro Wang was close but didn't get to take it home rather it was given to Kimberley Chen who sang the song "Ai Ni" that made her famous and very well known foe her talent!

Aaron Yan this year took home "Most Promising Male Artist" with a great album and a strong foot down on his music career Aaron Yan takes the trophy from Wilber Pan, whom once also had most promising male artist!!!

Aaron performed Ji Nian Ri and afterward said thy due to shooting "Just You" and recovery of his leg he hasn't been given much time to really practice his songs but luckily everything went well! 

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