Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Jiro Wang's 3D horror movie : "Bloody Dolls" director talks

The director of Bloody Dolls has finally met with the media and taken an interview and when asked upon the difference of the horror in comparison to the others he replied positively: "Our whole storyline and scenario is different from the other horror films that will show at the same time." 

While most horror films will be covering superstitions and other mysterious occurrences this horror movie is taking a different approach! 
The script itself just follows straight into a massive  murder massacre! The average horror movie now in the markets had already taken a turn from the creepy mask and the eerie locations but this time they are all coming back! 
Foggy locations, Deadly screams, and a promising Nightmare. 
(Guys not kidding im getting chills writing this report~~!)
Jiro Wang's first horror film "Purple House" ; was full of illusions and misassumptions...A different vibe lives within this film...
A true 3D Horror... 

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