Thursday, June 13, 2013

4Min. Clip from "Just You"

SNEAK PEEK at "Just You"

4 exciting minutes to the SETTV DRAMA "Just You"
How does this charasmatic girl run into a troublematic Boss! Her home becomes his!?! Her new boss is him!?!
Their first meeting she is naked!!!!

Aaron Yan as Qi Yi
Puff Kuo as Liang Liang

I will make you fall in love with me!!!


  1. it looks so so interesting!!!!
    do i spy sky from absolute darling and dean fujioka? ;D
    ^-^ i can tell that i am just going to love aaron and puff kuo right away. <3

    1. Sky's real name is Lu Cha (Green Tea if its literally translated)
      He used to be in a boyband with Alien Huang (XiaoGui) and he was in Korea for a while for training so he is a very experience actor so its not surprising he got a role.
      And Agreed! Puff and Aaron are adorable!