Thursday, June 27, 2013

Aaron will have a Photobook out in August!

先偷偷跟大家正式地宣佈,我已經在籌備我人生中意義上的第一本文字寫真書了喔 ! 是一本關於“台北”、關於“夢”、關於“我”的作品。除了大家熟悉的台北熱門場景,這次我也會帶領大家更深入走進一些不為人知的秘密景點,想透過文字和寫 真,用說故事的方式跟大家分享台北許多充滿我個人回憶,還有凝聚了我無限靈感的城市。總之想來台北玩的人、想收藏厲害的寫真的人、或想聽聽我的故事的人, 都請現在開始用力期待吧 !


"Let me sneakily, but officially inform everyone that I am already preparing for my first ever text photobook! It’s going to be a book about “Taipei", about “Dream" and about “Me". In addition to famous Taipei landmarks, this time I will also be directing everyone to some secret attractions which very little people know about. By using a story-telling format of words and photos, I want to share with everyone all the memories that I have developed in Taipei and also the city which had given me unlimited inspirations. It doesn’t matter if you are one that wants to travel to Taipei, one that wants to collect awesome photobooks, or one that wants to hear my story, just please all anticipate!"

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