Tuesday, June 18, 2013

GuiLun Fanfic on We Just Got Married Global Edition (korean show)

                           Aaron Yan & Guigui - Guilun Fanfic Trailer - Between the Two of Us  

Thanks to Korean Show We Just Got Married [Global Edition] which has been starring Gui Gui as a representative from Taiwan/China, to be married to Taecyeon of 2pm- the Fahrenheit boyband member Aaron Yan is once again being brought up into GuiGui's story, and this time its her husband who selected the video!!!
Taecyeon and GuiGui have a housewarming party and while 2pm is over they decide to use the TV to go through old videos, Taecyeon after looking up 2pm's old videos looks up guigui! Nickhun who sees the video first screams "KISS!!! KISS!!! SHE'S KISSING ANOTHER MAN!"
Taecyeon automatically clicks on the video.
A video that was made by a GuiLun (guigui&aaronyan) fan suddenly over night gets thousands of hits! Everyone wants to see this video that made everyone yell out:

"Who is Aaron Yan!!!!!"
After the video is closed, GuiGui is put into an awkward position but she just keeps saying it was years ago, but for GuiLun fans---it was only yesterday that PiLiMIT's Tian Mo Xin & 007 feel in love and broke the true story behind all the mysteries of the universities.
Everyone that watched WGM that day wanted to know who is this man! Because fans had different emotions while watching WGW.
1. They honestly didn't know who he was so they went to see the videos.
2. Taecyeon's fans wanted to see who was this man.
3. Aaron Yan fans wanted to see this fanfic that made guilun relive its glory.
and ...
4. Guilun fans just wanted to remembrance their memories!
Either way it is looked at, Aaron Yan became the Topic of the Whole show~~! No one could forget...
"Who is Aaron Yan!!!"

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  1. LOL i saw that episode! xD i couldn't believe it. i was actually waiting all this time on taecgui's WGM to see if guilun would be mentioned... i replayed the "WHO'S AARON YAN?????" a thousand times. xD just too funny.