Friday, June 21, 2013

Jiro Wang has his brothers backs!

Jiro Wang and Pets Ceng hit it off again in the comeback series KO-3!
Starring JiroWang PetsCeng Spexial! and Han along with DCW xiu!

A star cast and the star is more worried about how to watch and support all the dramas appearing! Calvin's drama "Lucky Touch" premiered two weeks ago, and Fabulous Boys premiered a few weeks prior. Jiro said "For Aaron I'm going to have to buy a new TV!"

Jiro also admitted that he would kiss Spexial's Zi Hong if it was needed, this led Pet's to say "What about me guys?" 

Since this storyline will conclude of Zi Hong , Xiu, and Jiro. Pet's past love story controversial has been a good seller! 

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