Saturday, August 23, 2014

Happy 33rd Birthday To Jiro Wang!

 Guess what today is? It's Jiro's Birthday! Wishing him a Happy Birthday. Above is the video that we created with some shout out from Jiro Fans.

Also, We'd like to thank all those who supported our event, even though there weren't many, but thank you guys for making a difference. We really appreciate it.

-Xiao Lin


  1. happy b day jirooooo!!!!!! i couldn't manage to send in my wishes through this video because i think i didnt make it in time or something @_@ but, i love the b day vid as always, and we all love Jiro. Happy 33rd!

    1. Its OK. There's always still next year! I'll try to get your blessing then. Also, there's someone else's birthday coming up in two months. Hopefully you can join in.
      -admin Xiaolin