Saturday, August 2, 2014

Kaohsiung in Flames- GOD BLESS

    Kaohsiung had a major accident a few days ago, so if anyone has been paying attention to the news then everyone can see that Taiwan has been baffled by this issue.
The explosion injured numerous people, but many of those whom may have been injured or lost homes or work due to the explosion have hope; as all of Taiwan has been praying for them. Also a charity is underway as to raise money for the families and help to raise funds to rebuild and fix the streets so that the city can be safe once again and away from harm.
   Traffic now is also a bigger issue and now today most people have to leave earlier than usual, this explosion was said to be caused by heat build up in the pipe lines and some other reason leading to a huge connecting explosion.

Aaron updated his facebook : God Bless Kaohsiung, God Bless Taiwan. There are so many disasters lately hope every stays safe and away from harm.

Calvin updated his facebook: God Bless Taiwan. God Bless those hurt and those going to help. Hope everyone is safe.

Jiro updated his weibo: God Bless Kaohsiung, God Bless Taiwan. Praying everyon is safe, and that everyone can be recovered quickly.


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  1. best of luck to those families!!! hope it gets better.