Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Jiro Instagram Video- LOCH remake

Those of you who follow Jiro , may have already known and seen the video link above that shows him in action for the newest remake of LOCH ; the series has always been a big hit - a love story in the time of WuXia between Xiao Long Nu and Yang Guo. 
Jiro though only does play a smaller role, a general to be exact. His character did already finish shooting as he is now working on other dramas/series/movies now.

His features have fans testifying if they can really accept him in the ancient attire and performance, regardless though his eyes give off a great force of strength one of the wuxia era.
So excited hope all of you are too!



  1. I thought he looked great in the historical attire. I've never seen a Wuxia but I'd probably be tempted if Jiro was lead...

    1. Wu Chun has done a lot of Wu xia films. Aaron and Calvin did a clip in "love buffet" and I'd love to see Jiro rock one too