Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Last Ep of FILWM! (preview eng sub)


I shall not spoil much...but I may say it has been a while and I am quite sad to say good bye to "Fall In Love With Me" - I will deeply miss Aaron and Tia (XiaoLu/TianXing&TaoZi) regardless though everyone has done so much in the past months working so hard to keep us as fans happy to be able to witness them on screen. Thank You to the director, scriptwriter and the crew along with the cast!

(Tian Xing & Jia Gai Xian) "XiaoLu lives forever with these two's friendship"

Aaron Yan posted that his last day for shooting is coming near... almost time to celebrate!

Aaron: Thank You to all of you who've been with me through these months making this drama possible, our memories will live forever. Tia, Kate, Jia Gai Xian, Huang Ting Wei Thank You.

Aaron: Tao Mama, or Qi Yi's Mama Thank You for all your great efforts alongside me through two dramas! We are finally finished!

Watch the preview- I added eng sub already...the ending will be sweet but now the real question is that what was Tian Xing's plan and how will Lance and Tian Xing's battle end his marriage with Huan Huan!


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