Monday, August 18, 2014

Overview of everything- Sorry I am late! (Admin)

I have soooooo much to update, and so little time to do it all! I have started school again as many of you who may be in college, I dont know how long it will take me to update all the information that is needed to be updated! I can give everyone a 401 Brief though!

Wu Zun recently has only been busy with promotonal tours for his endorsements like clothing lines and watches ect. Mido for one is the one he has been keeping strong too. He has brought NeiNei to one of his events will update on that later :) 
Calvin is preparing on finishing up his EP but he is also busy running into mainland china and around many other areas shooting countless shows as a host or as a guest his list has been full lately :) I will update accordingly as the shows start to premiere! :) 
Jiro's birthday is coming up!!!! August 24! We are holding an event for him so please go to the post with the link and help Join Join Join!!!! Every year we do these videos but sadly not as many people joined this year :( His schedule though has been packed finishing up movies and shooting another drama was Nichkun of 2pm. :) 

Aaron Yan and Tia Li have tied the knot in Fall in Love With Me, ending the series in the blissful and heartwarming attitude that Xiao Lu and Tao Zi originally had carried to begin with :) Don't forget to stay tuned though because Aaron has invited puff kuo to reunite with him in his CUT mv dance version and is rumored she is also going to be featured in his Unstoppable Sun MV! Anticipate! 

圖來之 小羅絲 的FB 如果拿走請說明是 小羅絲 的作平!(Photo attained from XiaoLuoSi FB - If u take it, copy, save anything PLEASE KEEP HER NAME ON THE IMAGE NO MATTER WHERE YOU PUT IT!) 

Once again my deepest apologies and I promise to post as soon as i get a chance once my hours of work and school are more settled I will help all of you FeiFans follow your biases ;) 

Also if you have questions or if you wanted to hear more about something or someone's new (Fahrenheit Wise) just leave me a comment ;)))) (I do read all of em) 


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