Monday, August 4, 2014

"WishList" Jiro- Little Daddy

Though he may not get to be a daddy yet, but on the set of Wish List Jiro is doing his part of playing a fun and energetic older brother to accompany Tong Tong the little girl on the scene.

There are even a few cute fan photos of Jiro trying to get her attention but tired from shooting Tong Tong often doesn't care to stop and runs off to sleep. Can't blame her though,its a lot of work.
Jiro perhaps one day you too will join Chun under the "Super Dad" name, but from past news Calvin just may beat you there.

Whoever is next, fans should get ready because Fahrenheit one day will be a "Super Daddy" boyband haha.

I find this photo so cute, he is making he fly on his shoulder (classic).



  1. lol a superdaddy boyband, huh? xDDD jiro and that little girl are so cute! i can't wait for wish list!

    1. super dad group haha :D a boyband full of dads haha