Monday, August 4, 2014

FILWM- Happy Couples Day 七夕節快樂

Episode 18 just finished up airing with the ratings of 2.17! The only drama breaking 2 on sunday's showing list :DDDDD

FILWM though, hasn't forgotten to celebrate Couples Day with everyone though, Beatrice Fang (HuanHuan) uploaded a photo with Aaron Yan (Tian Xing) wishing everyone a happy valentines day and that hopefully no one does what Huan Huan has done in the drama to get the one they love.
Beatrice is indeed though, a very sweet girl. For instance behind the scene everyone loves to make fun of her due to her weighing more than the average girl but she has a lot of fun by running around and carrying all the cast up saying how strong she is. So cute :D

Regardless, even though its hard. Lu Tian Xing and Tao Zi still tried to find their happiness far away. Though, it doesn't work out that way the two did try, and for their love they chosen to give up everything from dreams, OZ, even family... but looks like everyone will have to keep watching to see how this drama will conclude :D


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