Monday, August 4, 2014

七夕節快樂 Happy Couples Day- celebrate with WISHLIST cast

Xu Yuan Qing Dan- WishList cast uploaded photos onto Zheng Luo Qian weibo showing that even though its 'couples day' (Chinese valentines day) everyone can still work hard and be happy.

This past saturday was actually Valentines Day so I am a little late, as I have apologized before. Above though are Jiro, Nichkun, Zheng Luo Qian and another actress not yet named. The crew was together on Couples day and didn't forget to take a bunch of cute photos before going back to work.

Having fun and always looking handsome Jiro is so cute in some of these :D I have to say though, he makes Nichkun look like a little boy (regardless of age gap that is) Jiro is always like a little boy at heart <3



  1. I was thinking the same thing - Nichkun looks so young, I don't know how seriously I'll take his wooing the girl. Especially when Jiro turns on the smolder. ;) But I'd rather Jiro win the girl anyways!

    1. Haha, I see. Yes but recently the Younger Guy and Older Woman has been a good sweep so we don't know yet :D