Monday, July 29, 2013

Update Rant on KO-One3 the react (Ep1-4)

So far into the drama we know...
-All the powers are disappearing slowly from each school , making Meng Zhu assign Dadong to return to high school.
-King and Dadong start off on the wrong foot 
-King and Zhong Wan Jun are best friends from childhood
-There are 2 love triangles 
  -1) Dadong--King--Wan Jun
  -2) QiuQiu--Wan Jun--King

-There was a drug breakout and everyone suspects The KoOne class
-The perpetrator was Wan Jun's friend
-He n Dadong are tryin to track the seller 

-As of now we see that Melody isnt Melody either and may be a spy
-Han or Gorilla Sister is now the KOOne class teacher
-3 mysterious transfer students now wants ti challenge King for her spot as leader   

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